CIA, Afghan War Vet Rips MSNBC’s Brian Williams After Praising Biden’s Disorderly Withdrawal

(USA Features) A former CIA analyst reacted with disbelief to MSNBC host Brian Williams after the way he approvingly characterized President Joe Biden’s address to the nation Monday regarding the U.S. military’s chaotic withdrawal.

“I am curious to hear your reaction of this consequential speech by the American president. Didn’t run from it, he owned it. He owned his decision. He owned the fact that, as he put it, the buck stops with him,” Williams said as he brought in Matt Zeller, who is also an Afghan war veteran.

“I hope he gets to own their deaths too,” Zeller snapped, before continuing.

“I feel like I watched a different speech than the rest of you guys. I was appalled,” Zeller noted.

“There was such a profound bald-faced lie in that speech. The idea we planned for every contingency?” the former analyst continued.

“I have been personally trying to tell this administration since it took office. I have been trying to tell our government for years that this was coming,” he added.

“We sent them plan after plan on how to evacuate these people. Nobody listened to us.”

Zeller went on to say that the Biden administration also did not plan to protect Afghans who worked with American troops and contractors over the years.

“They didn’t plan for the evacuation of our Afghan wartime allies. They’re trying to conduct it now at the eleventh hour,” he said.

“The thing that they were most concerned about were the optics of a chaotic evacuation. Well, they got exactly what they were most concerned of by failing to do what was right when we could have done it,” said Zeller.

“We had all the people and equipment in place to be able to save these people months ago and we did nothing.”

Biden has been widely criticized from left and right, as well as internationally, for the deadly, disorderly manner in which U.S. forces and diplomats bailed out of Afghanistan over the past few days.

So chaotic was the withdrawal and so quick was the advance of Taliban fighters that Biden was forced to order about 5,000 U.S. troops back into the country to effectuate the evacuations of American personnel, tens of thousands of whom remain in the country.

Biden’s predecessor, President Donald Trump, also chimed in.

“First Joe Biden surrendered to COVID and it has come roaring back,” Trump said via his Save America PAC.

“Then he surrendered to the Taliban, who has quickly overtaken Afghanistan and destroyed confidence in American power and influence,” he added.

“The outcome in Afghanistan, including the withdrawal, would have been totally different if the Trump Administration had been in charge,” the statement continued.

“Who or what will Joe Biden surrender to next? Someone should ask him, if they can find him.”