Jim Jordan: Biden ‘Deliberately Trying to Hurt Country’ With Mass Illegal Immigration

(USA Features) Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan accused President Joe Biden and his administration of intentionally attempting to harm the country with lax immigration enforcement policies that have seen hundreds of thousands of people, many with COVID-19, cross into the U.S. illegally before they are dispersed throughout the nation.

“I don’t want to hear anything about COVID cases in Florida, mask mandates in New York, vaccine passports. I don’t want to hear anything about that until the Biden administration deals with the crisis they created on our southern border,” Jordan told Fox News host Sean Hannity Wednesday evening.

“There is no other conclusion any rational person can reach other than this is intentional. This is deliberate. They are deliberately trying to harm our country,” he said.

“March was the highest level of illegal crossings until April. April was the highest month until May. May was the highest month until June,” Jordan, a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, continued.

“June was the highest month until two days ago when we got the July numbers. That is a bad trend, that is intentional. They are doing what Hillary Clinton said five years ago,” he added.

“They have created a borderless hemisphere, and the American people need to understand it’s deliberate,” Jordan charged.

“This is what they’re doing, and they’re trying to shift blame and shift everything else to where it doesn’t belong, trying to attack governors who are actually trying to do the right thing for their, for their constituents, [Florida GOP] Governor [Ron] Desantis and [Texas GOP] Governor [Greg] Abbott,” Jordan said.

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Jordan went on to say that while Americans are subject to new vaccine passport and masking mandates, illegal aliens are not subjected to the same rules.

Former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer, also a guest on Hannity’s program, expounded on Jordan’s observations.

“This is the exact kind of thing that the American people see and feel and recognize instantly as just plain wrong. When we have to go through all these hurdles ourselves, and then we look and we say, but other people, because they came here illegally, don’t have to get subject to what we’re subject to?” Fleischer said.

“This is how voters turn out in record numbers,” he added.

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“It just inspires anger, because people know the government is doing something they should not be doing, but look, on the people coming here, Sean, as you know, I’m a first-generation American. My mother is an immigrant to this great country,” Fleischer continued.

“I want immigrants to come to America, but you have to come here illegally, and this is why the biggest mistake Joe Biden has made was to stop building the wall. It was working,” he noted.

“It’s common sense, and it still allows people to come here legally because they are coming here the right way, and that would have helped us with COVID too,” he said.

Responding to Hannity, Jordan acknowledged there is little the GOP can do for now.

“No, all we can do is talk about what we did. We can draw to the American people’s attention just how bad it is,” Jordan said.

“We can say what we all know now to be the case, that this is intentional. This is deliberate. This is trying to harm the country. This is creating a borderless hemisphere, as I said before,” the Ohio Republican noted further.

But he does see some good news.

“We’re going to win back the House and then we can begin to do something, but Joe Biden is the executive branch. He’s the one who has to enforce the law of the land, and he refuses to do that,” said Jordan.