GOP Erects ‘Permanent’ ‘Election Integrity Operations’ Nationwide to ‘Kill’ Dem Takeover Attempts

(USA Features) Republican Party operatives say they have learned a lot from Democratic efforts last year to work around voting rules in key states in a way GOP officials believe provided distinct advantages for then-presidential nominee Joe Biden, and have launched their own initiatives to secure “permanent” “voter integrity” measures ahead of next year’s 2022 midterms and beyond.

Justin Riemer, chief legal counsel for the Republican National Committee who is managing the effort, told Breitbart News last week that the party’s push to shore up election integrity moving forward falls into “three separate categories.”

That includes a permanently staffed operation nationwide as well as a broad legal strategy aimed at countering Democratic initiatives to tear down voter integrity laws.

“The first is what we’re doing in the courts and litigating,” Riemer told the outlet.

“The second is sort of our operational organization out in the field to send teams into the states and the third is the more sort of communications and efficacy efforts we’ve made at the state level and pushing back on H.R. 1 and the congressional overreach that we’ve been pushing back with,” he added.

H.R. 1 is the Democrats’ “For The People Act,” which Republican critics say is a federal takeover of all national elections from states, though the Constitution gives primary responsibility for running elections to state legislatures, not the federal Congress.

The legal counsel said that the GOP machine learned a lot from the 2020 election cycle, notably, that Democrats engaged in a months-long effort ahead of the election to get voting laws and rules changed using the COVID-19 pandemic as the impetus.

Changes they believe benefitted Biden include mass mail-in balloting using outdated voter registration rolls; widespread use of unmonitored ballot drop boxes; downplaying voter ID and signature matching requirements; massive funding from big tech moguls to major Democrat-friendly cities and voting districts; running poll watchers out of counting rooms; and other measures.

Reimer said all of that taught his party that elections don’t come down to a single day of voting but rather must be taken as a weeks- or months-long process in the modern era. As such, he said the RNC is building a permanent infrastructure to fight back.

“The RNC has basically decided election integrity operations need to be a permanent thing,” Riemer said. “In the past what would happen was every four years, because it was really every presidential election year where our side would gear up and to a lesser extent in midterms, but what would happen is it would be the presidential campaign every four years that would set up an operation to do the monitoring and the lawsuits and all these issues.

“It was just sort of improvised, like a pop-up tent, and then it went away and some of that was because we had a lawsuit against us from the DNC that prevented the RNC from doing anything like poll watching and preventing voter fraud and all of that,” he added.

“That basically was in effect for 40 years — 2020 was the first year we could actually engage in this stuff and what we decided was it makes no sense to just set up an operation every two or four years. It needs to be permanent,” Reimer noted.

He went on to say that legal battles are a large part of the Democrat strategy, and the RNC is now more prepared to meet that challenge. He also said he wants Republican voters across the country to understand what their party is doing to secure elections moving forward and that a lot of progress is being made on that front.

“We’re fighting and we’re winning,” Riemer told Breitbart News.

“We wake up every day and it’s the first thing we think about. That might sound depressing but it’s true,” he added.

“That’s the bottom line — and we’re going to keep winning. We’re in the right here and we’re looking forward to bragging about it when we do.”