Fox News’ Ingraham Sees Approaching ‘GOP Tsunami’ in 2022 Thanks to Biden Policies

(USA Features) Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Tuesday predicted that the Biden adminisration’s lax immigration policies, inflation, and rising crime rates around the country will lead to a “GOP tsunami” beginning next year during the midterm elections.

“Inflation, rising crime and the border surge are positioning Republicans for even bigger midterms gains than they’d imagined just months ago,” Ingraham said, citing a report from Axios published earlier this week.

Citing the report, the host said that the “early salvation” for the party after Joe Biden was elected has turned into “a liability as the delta variant threatens school re-openings, a return to mask mandates and a new wave of shutdowns.”

Ingraham went on to speculate that majority Democrats will continue to use the COVID-19 pandemic to justify new and lasting school closures, business lockdowns and mask mandates, none of which are popular with most Americans, she said.

“You’ve got a whole alphabet of variants and they’ll prevent us from ever going back to normal,” the host noted.

She suggested that there is a great deal of hypocrisy regarding new mandates as evidenced by left-wing elitists partying with former President Barack Obama for his 60th birthday over the weekend where few people were masked up or socially distancing.

“They’re looking at the bottom line, and their money isn’t going as far,” Ingraham said.

“When he’s flying his private jet to Martha’s Vineyard, John Kerry’s not affected by skyrocketing gas prices, but most working Americans are,” she continued.

“Across the country, gas is up nearly 30% from a year ago. That’s nearly $1 per gallon. Do the math.”

At the same time, police departments around the country are increasingly fed up with Democratic leaders who tie their hands, even while crime and murder rates spike, which makes ordinary citizens feel vulnerable and unsafe.

She also suggested that Americans are watching what’s happening along the U.S.-Mexico border, with hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing illegally and being let go since Biden took office, with derision as well.

“So your kids have to be masked up for seven hours a day while they are at school, but migrants can waltz right in,” Ingraham said.

The host said it appears as though Democrats are aware they are losing ground with voters, based on their rush to pass their agenda.

“Well, the Squad and Bernie Sanders, they know the Democrats are in trouble, so does the White House. So they’re going to go ramming through as many socialist goodies into their next monster bill as possible,” she said.

“I’m talking, of course, about that $3.5 trillion so-called reconciliation bill that the GOP Gang of 18 made possible. It’s going to ensure that we lose more of the country we love,” Ingraham continued.