Biden’s Popularity Continues to Nosedive Over Sinking Economy, Rising COVID

(USA Features) President Joe Biden’s approval rating has declined significantly in the roughly six months he has been in office, sliding to its lowest point in a new survey.

According to poll aggregator site FiveThirtyEight, Biden’s approval rating has sunk to 50.4%, the lowest of his tenure thus far.

The drop-off comes as “concerns over the U.S. economy and a return to COVID pandemic-era measures are making Americans doubt the direction he’s taking the country,” the Daily Mail reported.

In addition, FiveThirtyEight’s survey notes, Biden’s disapproval number is at its highest, passing 43%.

“A separate Harvard-Harris poll from the end of July saw Biden’s approval rating plummet 10 points from June,” the Daily Mail added.

In recent months, Biden’s approval numbers have been lower than former President Barack Obama, whom he served with as vice president.

And as before, there is a wide partisan gap in the approval numbers, with 82% of Democrats giving Biden high marks versus just 19% of Republicans.

“The dip mirrors a drop in optimism about the US – an overwhelming 54 percent of adults said the country is on the wrong track against 29 percent who said the opposite,” the Daily Mail reported.

“The economy and unemployment as well as public health are the top two issues facing Americans, two of the aggregated polls found,” the outlet continued.

Regarding the faltering U.S. economy, Republicans plan on using that to their political advantage heading into the 2022 midterms next year, Fox Business Network reported Tuesday.

“Inflation is no accident. Pelosi’s socialist-style spending plan helped cause it. Stephanie Murphy helped pass it,” the voiceover in a TV spot by the Congressional Leadership Fund which takes aim at the Florida Democrat, says.

“Economists say the worst is yet to come. Stephanie Murphy pricing you out,” the narrator continues.

A three-term lawmaker, Murphy is one of 50 House Democrats that Republican groups and leaders have identified as being vulnerable in next year’s elections.

Florida GOP Sen. Rick Scott, who chairs the Senate Republican reelection committee, said earlier this summer that Americans “are scared to death over what’s happening to inflation.”

He also said that “the Biden agenda and the Democrats’ agenda is not popular.”

The party is aware that there needs to be only a gain of one seat in the upper chamber to retake control and put the brakes on Biden’s and Democrats’ legislative plans.

“Republicans are running a brilliant playbook, period,” progressive Democratic strategist Michael Ceraso told Fox News.

“Low-middle-class workers, especially from black and brown communities, feel the economic burden tenfold when the value of their dollar shrinks,” he added.

“These folks won’t turn out for Democrats if they lack an economic incentive or if Trump is missing from the ticket,” he claimed.

“Flooding their pockets with child care tax credits and monthly payments is great but doesn’t recoup the financial losses these communities have experienced from the pandemic and inflation,” Ceraso, who worked on the 2016 Bernie Sanders and 2020 Pete Buttigieg presidential campaigns, added.

The Daily Mail said that Americans’ inflation fears are at their highest in years.

“Economic concerns have come with the biggest jump in inflation seen in more than a decade at 5.4 percent over a year,” the outlet reported.