Trump Refutes Dem Claims He Wanted DoJ to ‘Overturn’ 2020 Election, Says He Wanted Election ‘Integrity’

(USA Features) Former President Donald Trump on Saturday responded to claims from Democrats on the House Oversight Committee that he sought to pressure the Justice Department into overturning the 2020 election, saying he was instead trying to ensure that processes were not corrupt and that ballot integrity had been maintained.

Denouncing the “corrupt and highly partisan House Democrats” efforts to spin the issue, Trump explained that it was his duty are president to ensure election integrity and that it was not an attempt “to overturn the election.”

He said that the investigations in “the rigged election of 2020” are meant to “uphold the integrity and honesty of elections and the sanctity of our vote,” in a statement posted to the website of his Save America PAC.

“The corrupt and highly partisan House Democrats who run the House Oversight Committee [Friday] released documents — including court filings dealing with the rigged election of 2020 — that they dishonestly described as attempting to overturn the election,” the statement said.

“In fact, it is just the opposite. The documents were meant to uphold the integrity and honesty of elections and the sanctity of our vote,” Trump added, according to the statement.

The committee claimed on Friday that then-President Trump attempted to cajole the Justice Department into overturning the election, which the former president lamented was a partisan effort to block or discredit ongoing investigations into events surrounding the 2020 presidential contest that he believes were changed to benefit President Joe Biden under the pretense of making voting safer during the COVID-19 pandemic, but without being approved by state legislatures or authorized by existing election laws.

“These handwritten notes show that President Trump directly instructed our nation’s top law enforcement agency to take steps to overturn a free and fair election in the final days of his presidency,” House Oversight Chairwoman Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney Maloney wrote in a statement.

“The committee has begun scheduling interviews with key witnesses to investigate the full extent of the former president’s corruption, and I will exercise every tool at my disposal to ensure all witness testimony is secured without delay,” Maloney added.

Among the allegations leveled by Democrats on the committee was a handwritten note from then-President Trump, who wrote, “We have an obligation to tell people that this was an illegal, corrupt election.”

In his Saturday statement, the former president noted that it was his duty to ensure that the election was properly administered and that he should “stand with” Americans who seek to “fight for election integrity and to investigate attempts to undermine our nation.”

“The American people want, and demand, that the president of the United States, its chief law enforcement officer in the country, stand with them to fight for election integrity and to investigate attempts to undermine our nation,” his statement continued.

He concluded with a call to continue investigations into the elections in various battleground states and to not attack anyone who is trying to ensure that voting processes were followed in 2020 and will be followed in future elections.

“Our country has just suffered an incredibly corrupt presidential election, and it is time for Congress and others to investigate how such corruption was allowed to take place rather than investigating those that are exposing this massive fraud on the American people,” he added.