Trump Backs Lindsey Graham’s Plan to Deny Dems Quorum Over Voting Reforms, Amnesty

(USA Features) Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday came out in support of a tactic first suggested by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., earlier this week if majority Democrats proceed to pass highly controversial bills such as voting reform and an amnesty for illegal aliens through the budget reconciliation process.

The reconciliation tactic is rarely used but it can be applied to various pieces of legislation to get them through on a simple majority vote, bypassing the filibuster rule which requires 60 votes to move legislation forward.

Democrats only have a 12-seat majority in the House and the Senate stands at 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris being the tiebreaker.

Reports have said Democratic leaders are considering attaching the For The People Act and an amnesty for illegal immigrants in an infrastructure bill that has swelled to $3.5 trillion.

“Republicans must take seriously the effort by Democrats to completely change America through the reconciliation process,” Trump said in a statement.

“The infrastructure package has little to do with infrastructure as we know it, bridges, roads, tunnels, etc., but is a dramatic expansion of government that will cost much more than the $3.5 trillion being discussed,” the former president continued.

“Don’t let this happen!”

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Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernard Sanders, a socialist-leaning Independent who caucuses with Democrats, has described the deal as a “bold and robust.”

“I think we are making progress in moving forward with the most consequential piece of legislation passed for working people since the 1930s,” said Sanders, of Vermont.

“And it is legislation which is finally going to ask the wealthy and large corporations to start paying their fair share.”

Trump, however, indicated that federalizing most elections and including an amnesty provision in infrastructure legislation is a political hill to die on.

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“I urge every Republican to fight this and deny Democrats a quorum if that is what it takes to make sure that the Democrats can’t use reconciliation,” he said, according to the Washington Times.

“Republicans must push back for the sake of our country and, far less importantly, the sake of the Republican Party!”

Earlier this week, Graham suggested that Republicans take the unusual step of denying Democrats a quorum if they try to ram through a package of unrelated measures as part of ‘infrastructure.’

“If for some reason they pass reconciliation, budget resolution to bring that bill to the floor of the United States Senate, the $3.5 trillion bill, you’ve got have a quorum to pass a bill in the Senate, I would leave before I would let that happen,” .Graham vowed

“So to my Republican colleagues, we may learn something from our Democratic friends in Texas when it comes to avoiding a $3.5 trillion tax and spend package. Leave town,” he said.

Graham offered up the same tactic in April if Democrats moved to end the filibuster.