Poll: Majority of Arizona Republican Voters Believe Maricopa Audit Will Show Trump Won

(USA Features) A new survey shows that most Republican voters in Arizona believe the audit of Maricopa County ballots that is ongoing will eventually show that former President Donald Trump actually won the state, not President Joe Biden.

The Arizona Public Opinion Pulse survey, which was conducted by OH Predictive Insights, found that 62% of state GOP voters believe the audit will show that Trump pulled out a victory there last year.

That figure compares to just 25% of Independents who believe as much and only 2% of Democrats in the state.

Interestingly, about 25% of GOP respondents believe that Trump will be reinstated to the Oval Office, though practically and constitutionally, there is no real path for that to happen.

“Republicans are counting on this audit to prove the rhetoric they have heard on Fox News and other conservative news sources – that Trump won Arizona and the entire election,” said Mike Noble, OHPI chief of research.

The survey also found that 39% of Republicans do not think there is any evidence of fraud. That compares with 85% of Democrats and 76% of Independents.

Biden was certified the winner in Arizona by some 11,000 votes out of 3.4 million cast, making him the first Democrat who has won the state since President Bill Clinton in 1996.

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On Friday, Arizona state Senate President Karen Fann made it clear that regardless of what the ballot audit ultimately shows, it wasn’t conducted to help put Trump back in office.

That said, the former president is scheduled to make an appearance in Phoenix later this week to headline Turning Point Action’s “Rally to Protect Our Elections” event, the Washington Times reported.

Arizona Republican senators and others conducting the audit have complained that Maricopa County election board officials, most of whom are Republicans too, have not been cooperating, going so far as to suggest last week that they might have an incomplete report by the time they are finished.

“Critics, meanwhile, say the audit has been a sham since it started and say that is undermining democracy. They say the allegations of widespread fraud are bogus and say the company hired to lead the audit has no clue what it is doing,” the Times reported.

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Still, Fann said last week that the audit found discrepancies with the official count, including, according to Cyber Ninjas, the company providing the audit, tens of thousands of ballots that were allegedly improperly cast and never requested.

“They haven’t released a number yet,” Fann told conservative radio host Mike Broomhead on KTAR.

“However, we do know that those numbers do not match with Maricopa County at this point,” she added, noting that the audit was nearing completion.

“We are finishing up — the vendor is finishing up what we call the aggregation: double-checking the spreadsheets against the blue tally sheets, against the scans they did on the ballots,” Fann told KTAR.

“Because before we turn those ballots back to Maricopa County, they want to make sure that every one of those check-and-balances match before they start doing the analysis of all the data they received,” she added.