Trump Predicts Americans Will be ‘Shocked’ By Alleged Vote Fraud Evidence in Georgia, Arizona

(USA Features) Former President Donald Trump said Saturday that Americans will be “shocked” when they see the amount of alleged vote fraud that occurred in Georgia and Arizona during the 2020 election cycle.

“AP and other media outlets are doing major disinformation to try and discredit the massive number of voter irregularities and fraud found in both Arizona and Georgia,” he said in a statement released via his Save America PAC.

“When the real numbers are released people will be shocked,” he said, “but this is a concerted effort of the Fake News Media to discredit and demean,” he added.

“There has never been anything like it,” Trump continued. “Numbers will be released shortly, and they are extraordinarily big and highly determinative!”

Earlier, Trump reacted to reports that there may be some vote tally discrepancies in Maricopa County, Ariz., though election officials there have pushed back hard on the allegations stemming from a brief to state Senate Republicans on Thursday.

“Fox News and other media outlets incorrectly side with the outdated and terrible Maricopa County Election Board to report no fraud found in the Presidential Election,” Trump said in a statement,” the former president said.

“They spew the gross misinformation purposefully put out by the county and the Associated Press, and IGNORE the very important Arizona Senate’s hearing yesterday, which showed 168,000 fraudulent ballots printed on illegal paper (unofficial ballots), 74,000 mail in ballots received that were never mailed (magically appearing ballots), 11,000 voters were added to the voter rolls AFTER the election and still voted, all the access logs to the machines were wiped, and the election server was hacked during the election,” Trump claimed.

“They sided with the County and not the brave Arizona Senate who is fighting for the people of Arizona,” he continued.

“The same anchor at the desk the night Fox called Arizona for Joe Biden now wants you to believe there was no fraud. The anchor was Bret Baier.”

“Thankfully, Arizona has strong State Senators willing to fight for the truth,” Trump added.

“Senator Wendy Rogers says ‘I have heard enough. It’s time to decertify this election’,” while “Senator Kelly Townsend said the fraud was so bad ‘I want to see indictments.’”

“Senator Sonny Borrelli says “’I’ve seen enough evidence to challenge the validity of the certification of the Maricopa County Election results’,” Trump added, quoting state Republicans who sat in on the briefing by the firm that conducted the audit, Cyber Ninjas.

“Arizona shows Fraud and Voting Irregularities many times more than would be needed to change the outcome of the Election,” Trump concluded.

Last week, officials with a Peach State organization, VoterGA, said they also found a number of discrepancies including duplicate ballot images that they said had been counted twice.