Stephen Miller: Biden’s Illegal Migrant Resettlement Policy Across U.S. ‘Impeachable Offense’

(USA Features) Former Trump immigration adviser Stephen Miller declared on Wednesday that President Joe Biden’s policy of using military assets to resettle illegal immigrants in the U.S. without congressional approval or changes in existing immigration law is “an impeachable offense.”

In an appearance with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Miller responded to the host’s suggestion that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, could use his state’s National Guard to seal off the border in the absence of the federal government’s actions to do so.

“Well, I would argue that the appropriate constitutional remedy is Article IV, Section 4, which says that the government clearly has the obligation to protect any state in this country against invasion and domestic violence,” Miller began.

“It does not say that that has to be in the form of a nation-state actor. In other words, the Constitution doesn’t say it has to be a state-led invasion. It’s any large-scale, unwelcome, uninvited entry into a country. That, or into a state,” he continued.

“That would provide the constitutional predicate for exactly what you’re describing. I would also suggest it would provide the constitutional predicate for the Supreme Court, if they had the moral courage, to strike down this entire scheme, which is a blatant violation of our entire constitutional republican form of government,” the former advisor to President Donald Trump added.

“Let’s be very clear. When Joe Biden put his hand on the Bible and swore an oath to take care of the laws we faithfully executed, to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution, to ensure a Republican form of government to every state, he has violated every single one of those commitments,” Miller went on.

“I will also add this: If that’s not an impeachable offense, I can’t imagine what would be,” he suggested.

Separately, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said this week that he is introducing legislation that would prevent Biden from sacking Title 42 of U.S. immigration code.

“This is lunacy. It is lawless and the only reason Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing it is because they are captive to the extreme radical left of their party,” Cruz said.

“Title 42 is the tool that has allowed us to prevent people with COVID from being released into this country,” Cruz explained.

“We’re in a pandemic; Joe Biden likes to talk about what a priority he puts on the pandemic. Understand this: if the Biden administration ends Title 42, they will be releasing illegal immigrants in your community who are COVID-positive,” he told Fox News.

“It is lawless and the only reason Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing it is that they are captive to the extreme radical left of their party,” Cruz added.

“Everyone else who believes in common sense ought to say, enough is enough, and let’s not make the pandemic worse by making this crisis at the border even worse than it already is,” he concluded.