Report: Biden Admin Tells Border Officials to Expect New Onslaught of Migrant Families

(USA Features) The Biden administration is information the appropriate Department of Homeland Security agencies to expect an influx of hundreds of thousands of migrant families coming illegally to the U.S. as the White House moves to reverse more Trump-era border enforcement and COVID-19 policies.

The Washington Free Beacon, citing internal documents and unnamed federal officials, said that President Joe Biden will attempt to end Title 42, a law that former President Donald Trump’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention utilized to keep migrants from entering the country later this month.

As part of the process, DHS senior officials are warning department heads to expect to process up to 1,200 migrant family units per day beginning shortly thereafter.

Assuming there are no additional surges, that would amount to an additional 312,000 people entering the U.S. illegally a year.

After they are released from detention, the illegal migrants will be able to remain inside the U.S., according to a DHS official, because most will skip their immigration court proceedings that are often scheduled years in advance.

“Border Patrol agents, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and customs officers are stretched thin trying to protect and secure our border,” said the official.

“Asking them to process roughly 6,000 people a week undoubtedly strain already thin resources and increase human trafficking and drug smuggling,” the official added, according to the .

The outlet said that the internal memo warning is further damaging morale within border enforcement agencies where staff are already overwhelmed and disgruntled.

The policies appear aimed at a singular purpose, they say: Allowing in as many migrants as possible, which takes staff away from concentrating on actual security threats coming into the country.

Sources who spoke with the outlet say the agency has dramatically been transformed under current DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Some are even wondering about their stated mission as they get ready to deal with a new humanitarian crisis along the border after Title 42 goes away as well as the former president’s “Remain In Mexico Policy.”

“All of these people will become permanent residents. There’s no political will from the Biden administration to deport families once they’re already admitted. The White House knows that,” a DHS official said.

“The end of Title 42 will result in de facto open borders,” the official added.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, railed at the administration after hearing that Biden was going to sack Title 42.

“This is lunacy. It is lawless and the only reason Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing it is because they are captive to the extreme radical left of their party,” Cruz said.

“Title 42 is the tool that has allowed us to prevent people with COVID from being released into this country,” Cruz explained.

“We’re in a pandemic; Joe Biden likes to talk about what a priority he puts on the pandemic. Understand this: if the Biden administration ends Title 42, they will be releasing illegal immigrants in your community who are COVID-positive,” he told Fox News.

“It is lawless and the only reason Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing it is that they are captive to the extreme radical left of their party,” Cruz added.