Blackburn Calls on Justice Department, White House to Come Clean About Hunter Biden

(USA Features) Sen. Marsha Blackburn on Thursday said the White House and the Justice Department should come clean about allegations against presidential son Hunter Biden amid growing suspicion that he is using his paintings to sell access to anonymous buyers.

“We would like to know what is going on,” the Tennessee Republican commented on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.”

“He is going to make millions of dollars selling these paintings, but the American people are not going to be allowed to know what the paintings sell for and who is going to be purchasing these paintings?” she continued.

The Tennessee Republican went on to speculate that Hunter Biden has most likely been under investigation by the Justice Department for potential tax fraud and other issues “a bit longer than the past six months.”

Her speculation stems from reports that the FBI took possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contains a great deal of sensitive information, in 2019, ahead of the 2020 presidential campaign.

Her suggested time frame is also based on “some of the deals that he has constructed while his father was serving as vice president.”

But, she added, it’s not going to be easy to get answers from the DoJ about Hunter Biden or the status of special counsel John Durham, who has allegedly been investigating the origins of the Russian ‘Spygate probe begun by the FBI into the 2016 Trump campaign for more than two years now.

“We are right now working on a letter pertaining to the Durham report,” she told Newsmax.

“Why have we not yet received the Durham report? What stage of investigation is this in? What has happened to the investigation with Hunter and (Biden’s) brother Frank, sister Valerie, and Biden Inc.?” she continued.

“What … is the extent to which Joe Biden himself was involved in these deals,” she asked.

She continued, noting that her constituents are “fed up with a two-tier system of justice and double standards … they see the Democrats treated one way and Republicans treated another way.”

Blackburn added that “Big Tech, big media, and big Democrats” are “all in cahoots,” including the way they are handling President Joe Biden.

“They did it during the 2016 election, the 2020 election, the 2018 midterms,” she said. “They’ve done it during COVID.

“They’ve done it in how the Bidens were handled and what we are allowed to know or not know about them and their transactions and people are wanting these answers … every dollar the federal government spends is taxpayer dollars, so they’re footing the bill for all of this, and they deserve the answers,” Blackburn noted further.