New ‘Freedom Phone’ Features Pre-loaded Conservative News Apps, Lower Cost

(USA Features) The new “Freedom Phone” debuted Wednesday morning featuring pre-loaded apps for conservative-leaning news sites and boasting lower costs and rates for customers.

“Not just making America great. But also making a great phone,” the company’s launch site states.

In addition to featuring an app for Newsmax and One America News, the Freedom Phone also comes preloaded with an app for social media sites Parler and Telegram, as well as secure messaging app Signal.

Company officials note that the Freedom Phone functions exactly like current smartphones.

In addition, officials say that it is easy for new customers to switch, noting that all they need to do is load their SIM card from their current phone into their new Freedom Phone after it arrives.

The phones feature six-inch screens and can also take clear photographs. Also, the phone sells for less than $500.

“The Freedom Phone is a free speech and privacy-first focused phone. With features like tracking blockers and an uncensorable app store,” says the website.

The company also features its own app store, where customers can download and install various conservative content.

“Read what you like. Watch what you like. Think what you like. Nothing is censored,” the site notes regarding the Cheyenne, Wy-based company.

The phones also feature “FreedomOS,” billed as “the first mass-marketable mobile phone operating system based on free speech,” the site notes.