Trump Releases Letter From Former U.S. Attorney Who Ripped Barr Over Election Fraud

(USA Features) Former President Donald Trump released a letter this week from a former federal prosecutor who was highly critical of former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr over how to handle allegations of voter fraud and election irregularities.

William McSwain, who was the U.S. attorney of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania from 2018 until January 2021, wrote to the former president to express his angst with Barr over his instructions to federal prosecutors in states were ballots were being disputed.

“On Election Day and afterwards, our Office received various allegations of voter fraud and election irregularities,” the letter said.

“As part of my responsibilities as U.S. Attorney, I wanted to be transparent with the public and, of course, investigate fully any allegations,” McSwain continued.

“Attorney General Barr, however, instructed me not to make any public statements or put out any press releases regarding possible election irregularities,” he added, according to the letter.

“I was also given a directive to pass along serious allegations to the State Attorney General for investigation — the same State Attorney General who had already declared that you could not win.”

McSwain went on to note that he “disagreed with that decision” but added that he is a former U.S. Marine infantry officer and he would follow orders from a superior — Barr — even if he was not in agreement.

“U.S. Attorney from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania was precluded from investigating election fraud allegations. Outrageous!” Trump said in his own statement.

Previously, Trump mentioned the letter during a speech he gave to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas over the weekend.

In his letter, McSwain said he was considering a run for Pennsylvania governor next year as a Republican and sought the former president’s help.

He also pledged that voter reforms would be a top priority, saying he backs measures to protect “the right of all Pennsylvania citizens to cast a legitimate vote.”

Barr issued a memo in November authorizing U.S. attorneys to probe “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities before the certification of elections and electors. Later, he publicly stated that the Justice Department never found any substantial fraud — enough to change the election’s outcome.

The Republican-led state Senate in Pennsylvania is seeking to carry out an Arizona-style “forensic investigation,” but the Pennsylvania Department of State has warned it will decertify any election machines turned over to “third-party entities.”