Ben Carson Says He’s Pleased Dems Are Pushing Critical Race Theory Because It’s ‘Waking People Up’

(USA Features) Former HUD secretary and history-making neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson said Tuesday he is happy that Democrats are pushing the controversial critical race theory because he says it is “waking people up.”

“This will sound funny, but I’m kind of glad they are doing it. They’re pushing it so hard, it is waking people up,” Carson, who ran the Department of Housing and Urban Development for former President Donald Trump’s entire four-year term, told Fox News.

“We were sort of like the frog in the saucepan slowly being cooked and now they turned the burners up, and people are saying ouch and getting active,” he continued.

“That is going to help us as a nation,” the retired neurosurgeon added.

Carson was pushing back on claims by Democratic leftists including author Ibram X. Kendi that GOP attacks on critical race theory had “created an imaginary monster.”

At the same time, however, he said the effort to redefine the U.S. as a racist institution and turn all relations into racial reflections is not at all imaginary. He added that progressives on university and college campuses have engaged in similar indoctrination for decades, even if it’s just now becoming a major issue throughout the country off-campus.

“It was obviously the left that did this, and they are basing this on some of the things that were said by people like Vladimir Lenin and various Marxists,” Carson said.

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“Lenin said give me your children to teach for four years and the seeds I plant will never be uprooted. What they are trying to do is actually indoctrinate the kids,” the former HUD secretary went on.

“This is not a new thing. This has been going on for a while,” he said, adding that the results are self-evident.

“I think we saw the fruits of it last summer in Portland and Seattle. These are people who are coming to age who have been taught to hate the United States of America and a lot of it is based on slavery,” Carson said.

“The 1619 Project, many of the things and critical race theory. Everything looking at race and going back to race and making the children think that that’s the primary indicator for success or failure in their life,” he added.

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