Vast Majority of Blacks Now See Violent Crime as Major Problem, Prompting Response from Biden Admin

(USA Features) A substantial majority of blacks noted in a survey published Monday they consider violent crime to be a major concern, findings that seem to have drawn the attention from Democrats, many of whom have pushed for defunding police departments over the past year.

“When you see a rare point of agreement between Republicans and Democrats, it’s worth taking notice,” Josh Kraushaar at National Journal reported, citing a survey from Navigator Research, a Democratic firm that releases a weekly “pulse” for candidates and political analysts.

“That moment happened this week when the Democratic polling firm Navigator Research released its weekly survey, which asked voters what issues they rated as major crises,” he added.

“On most of the 14 issues tested, from the coronavirus pandemic to inflation, Republicans and Democrats differed sharply over their significance. For instance, 70 percent of Democrats still see the pandemic as a ‘major crisis,’ but only 30 percent of Republicans agree,” Kraushaar wrote.

“For the first time, crime ranked ahead of the pandemic as the top issue for all voters,” he continued.

“Even more surprisingly, it was an issue that voters of both parties ranked highly: 57 percent of Republicans called the issue a major crisis while 52 percent of Democrats concurred.”

“Most significantly, 70 percent of African-American voters called violent crime a major crisis,” Kraushaar went on to report.

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In the wake of rioting that began following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, several Democrats called for defunding departments around the country.

Some Democrat-run cities did or, at least, cut funding for departments even as violence and crime rates including gun homicides were soaring.

Many of those cities have since opted to restore funding to their departments.

Meanwhile, on the heels of the survey’s findings, the Biden administration is urging states and cities with unused COVID-19 relief funds to use the money to bolster their police departments and crime prevention efforts.

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The new ‘combat crime’ strategy “uses the American Rescue Plan’s $350 billion in financial support and clear guidance to provide state, local, territorial, and tribal governments the money they need to put more police officers on the beat — including hiring above pre-pandemic levels in communities experiencing an increase in gun violence associated with the pandemic — as well as the other resources, training, and accountability they need to engage in effective community policing,” a White House memo said.

“Calls by activists to ‘defund’ police departments can — and have — hurt Democrats in tight races, said Celinda Lake, a pollster who does work for the Democratic National Committee,” Axios, which was first to report on the memo, noted.