Tucker Carlson Rails at ‘Loathsome’ CNN For Claiming Turmoil at Fox News Over NSA Spying Claim

(USA Features) Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped into CNN after the cable news rival reported that he and his network are at odds over his recent reporting that the NSA has been spying on his emails.

Carlson’s emails, which were reportedly leaked illegally to other media, revealed that he was attempting to land an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I’m not mad at anyone at Fox,” Carlson responded Monday to an inquiry from CNN after the network’s report.

“If I was, I’d say so. I’m mad at you for lying relentlessly,” Carlson said. “What a loathsome person you are. Please print that.”

CNN reported that “sources” at Fox News told the rival network that Carlson was “furious” at network management for “not backing him up” on his NSA spying claims.

“Tensions are sky-high,” the alleged source told CNN.

“Another source pointed out that Carlson has ‘always had tension with’ management, but said right now he’s ‘extra pissed,’” CNN continued.

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The CNN report came after Carlson wrote, “Late this spring, I contacted a couple of people I thought could help us get an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. I told nobody I was doing this other than my executive producer, Justin Wells.”

“I wasn’t embarrassed about trying to interview Putin. He’s obviously newsworthy,” Carlson continued.

“I’m an American citizen, I can interview anyone I want, and I plan to. But still, in this case, I decided to keep it quiet,” he continued.

“I figured that any kind of publicity would rattle the Russians and make the interview less likely to happen. But the Biden administration found out anyway by reading my emails,” he added.

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In a rare statement, the NSA last week said that Carlson has “never been a target” of any investigation, though the agency did not say his emails had not been intercepted as part of another operation.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., asked House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes, another California Republican, to investigate Carlson’s claims.

“Now, there is a public report that NSA read the emails of Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Although NSA publicly denied targeting Carlson, I have serious questions regarding this matter that must be answered,” McCarthy said in a press release.