Georgia GOP Rep. Hice Says Nearly 35,000 Ballots from 2020 Election in Question

(USA Features) U.S. Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., said Monday that nearly 35,000 ballots are in question in his state from the 2020 elections, with just 10,000 of those ballots having been confirmed thus far.

“What you’re referencing is people who moved out of the county into another county in Georgia and yet they went back and voted in the county that they moved from,” the Georgia Republican, who is challenging GOP Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in next year’s elections, told Newsmax.

“They can’t do that,” he added, noting that a continuing forensic audit in Fulton County, which encompasses Atlanta, has revealed “tremendous amounts of potential irregularities, to say the least,” Hice noted.

Former President Donald Trump only lost Georgia by about 11,500 votes.

At the same time, Hice told Newsmax that the state legislature “passed a good law” earlier this year in an attempt to shore up voting integrity. The law has since been targeted by the Justice Department in a lawsuit. It also led to boycotts of the state including Major League Baseball, which moved this year’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta to Denver. Other states have more restrictive voting laws.

“It is going to increase voter accessibility, while at the same time decreasing the potential for fraudulent behavior, potentially fraudulent behavior, and that ought to be embraced by everyone,” Hice said of the Georgia law.

“We want fair elections,” he continued.

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Hice also attended the weekend CPAC event in Dallas, and noted there is “no question” that Trump “is the face and the voice and the leader of the Republican Party.”

“He has been for over five years,” said Hice. “That’s not going anywhere.

“His popularity is as great as it’s ever been and his messages right on target with where the American people are,” he continued.

“He stands for America first, and most Americans support that. And so his reception was just phenomenal, and it’s going to continue to be that way as we go forward,” he added.

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Hice also said that the former president was handling criticisms stemming from the Jan. 6 protests well, noting that he talks to Trump frequently.

“The Democrats, all they care about is attacking President Trump and trying to harm him either out of their fear that he might run again or that he might continue being the voice of the Republican Party,” said Hice.

“Either way, their motivations are all directed towards hatred against Donald Trump and the American people are onto this, and they’re tired of it,” he continued. “And so it seems like more and more with each passing day in each passing week, all of these attacks.

“Against the president just are rolling off and, yeah, I think he’s weathered the storm. I think it’s going to come out of it stronger than ever literally,” he said, noting that Trump had not mentioned a 2024 presidential run to him.

“I’m certainly not in his inner circle by any stretch, but we talk fairly often, and he’s not mentioned it to me,” Hice explained.

“I know without question he could and the American people are rallied behind him. He had record numbers of votes this last election cycle, and we know all the disaster that went on with this election.”