Trump Rips ‘Fake News Media’ Over Suburbs, South Korea Pandemic, Ahead of CPAC Speech

(USA Features) Former President Donald Trump issued a series of statements via his Save America PAC just hours before giving the keynote address to close out this weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas.

Trump lashed out at the “fake news media” over a range of topics including ignoring his order to prevent low-income housing in the suburbs and his handling of the pandemic in an attempt to influence the outcome of the “rigged election.”

Trump, who won the rural areas of the country but struggled in the urban centers, ripped the media for ignoring how he attempted to save the suburbs from being negatively impacted by the “Obama/Biden” administration.

“The Fake News Media continuously likes stating that I lost the ‘suburbs.’ How would this be possible when I was the one that stopped the low-income housing agenda of Obama/Biden, already enacted, from happening there,” he said.

“The suburbs would have been destroyed — but they continuously fail to mention that I got 12 million more votes than I did in 2016, a record for a sitting president along with the 75 million votes, also a record,” he continued.

“So how did that happen and how come I ‘lost’? This is just more Fake News. And remember, they can say all of this, including the suburbs nonsense, because we had a rigged election!” Trump charged.

His statement may have been in response to a recent New York Times report claiming that the ‘burbs “soured” on Trump last fall.

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Trump next indicated that only how is his administration starting to receive some credit for its COVID-19 response.

“For all of those finally realizing what a great job we did with respect to the pandemic, including rapidly filling the cupboards that were left ‘bare’ by the previous administration, in both the federal government and states, please also remember that it was the Trump administration that produced the vaccine in less than 9 months — many years ahead of anticipated schedule.

“Biden and his group just used our plan of distribution, which had started long before he took office,” he said.

“Without the vaccine, the entire world would have ended up like it was in 1917, the Spanish Flu, where as many as 100 million people died,” the former president added.

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“While we get no credit for this from the Fake News Media, the people know — that’s why I got 75 million votes!”

He then said that the “dishonest and corrupt” media attempted to discredit him and “demean” his administration with examples of countries like South Korea and India to suggest his response was subpar.

“Remember when the Fake News Media would blast me about how well Seoul, South Korea was doing with the pandemic? Well now, sadly, Seoul is riddled with the China virus almost beyond what other countries had to go through,” Trump said.

“They are having a terrible time of it. The media also used India as another country doing really well — we all know how that ended,” he went on.

“They talked about these two countries in order to demean my administration, which has now been proven to have done an incredible job. I only bring this up to show how dishonest and corrupt the Fake News Media is!” the former president concluded.