Mark Levin: ‘It’s Time to Step Up’ in Pushback Against Leftist Elements ‘Devouring Our Society’

(USA Features) Top conservative talker and bestselling author Mark Levin sounded alarm bells this week ahead of his eighth book release that he says contains a “call to action” for Americans concerned about encroaching left-wing political ideologies “devouring our society.”

The election of Joe Biden as president and widening acceptance of liberal social policies mean “we’re in the abyss now,” Levin, a former ranking Justice Department official during the Reagan administration, told the Washington Examiner.

Levin spoke ahead of the release of his latest book, “American Marxism,” due in stores and available online next week.

“If you love individualism and freedom, if you love opportunity, capitalism, if you love this nation, and you appreciate everything that’s come before, the shoulders that we stand on, then it’s time to step up, it’s here and it’s now and they are devouring this society,” he said.

In addition to a daily radio show, a Sunday evening gig on Fox News, and authorship, Levin now appears to be taking on the role of movement leader, the Examiner’s Paul Bedard speculated.

“We just need to have a national movement that pushes back,” he said, noting further that “the point of this book is to start, or at least contribute, to such a movement.”

Levin argues that “Marx would approve” of what leftist Democrats are pushing for in terms of policies, adding that they are not compatible with American-style capitalism and constitutionalism.

“It’s no longer enough just to vote, even though that’s crucially important,” he said in support of actions like boycotting “woke” corporations.

“Now we have to become the activists,” he added.

Levin notes, however, that he is better suited to be a voice for a new movement, not an elected leader.

“If I ran for office, I would have less of a voice than I do now,” he said.

“Plus, my personality would not go well with most of the individuals who are in public office who talk a good game and do very little. So, it just wouldn’t work out,” he said.

Levin also noted that his good friend and fellow radio conservative, the late Rush Limbaugh, would be great support for this renewed activist effort.

“The other day I was thinking to myself, ‘Rush, we need you now more than ever.’ But Rush isn’t here,” Levin said, adding that he hopes Limbaugh’s spirit can be felt in the pages of Levin’s new book, which he hopes will spark a similar movement like the 2009 Tea Party movement and even the American Revolution.

“My hope is that this book will have the kind of influence that the ‘American Crisis’ had,” he told the Examiner. “Because what we’re confronting is not a temporary fad. It’s not part of a cycle. It is an iron fist or a wrecking ball that has already done enormous damage to this society and to this country.

“And it’s going to take a tremendous amount of work. It’s going to take tens of millions of us,” he continued.

“And it’s going to take individuals who never thought they could be heroes and patriots to say, you know what, ‘My children and grandchildren are going to face a hellish impoverished future if I don’t stand up now.’”