Sen. Cruz Likens Biden to One-Term Dem President Carter

(USA Features) Texas Sen. Ted Cruz compared President Joe Biden to a one-term Democratic predecessor, Jimmy Carter, who served at a time of rising inflation and general malaise among the population in post-Vietnam War America.

“I will say it’s been dramatic just how quickly Joe Biden and [Vice President] Kamala Harris lurched to the left,” said the GOP lawmaker in an interview with Fox News on Thursday.

“I mean, almost from the opening day of the administration, they made the decision to hand control of the Democratic Party over to the radical extreme,” Cruz continued.

He went on to speculate the White House’s agenda “is being driven by” far-left political figures including Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, as well as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

“We’re seeing an absolute disaster on every front,” Cruz told Fox News’ Jesse Watters, citing the host’s previous segment discussing spikes in crime due to calls to defund police and reduce prosecutions of certain crimes.

Cruz also hit the administration over its policies along the U.S.-Mexico border, failures of which he says are reflected by massive influxes of illegal aliens.

“[T]here’s an analog in relatively recent history, and that’s to Jimmy Carter,” said the GOP lawmaker said. “And I believe Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter 2.0.

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“We’re five months into the Biden administration. We — we already have a gas crisis, gas lines, an inflation crisis, war in the Middle East,” the Texas Republican noted further.

“And the same sort of ideology and incompetence that the — that characterized the Carter regime, characterizes now the Biden-Harris regime, and it took Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan.”

“I think Joe Biden is setting — setting up for this country to move dramatically back in the direction of fiscal sanity, back in the direction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,” he added.