‘Now He’s Definitely Going to Run’: Adviser Says Trump Energized for ’24 After Manhattan DA Announcement

(USA Features) Former President Donald Trump was reportedly emboldened to make another run at the White House following an announcement by the Manhattan district attorney earlier this week he would not be indicted following a tax fraud probe.

Trump was talking with advisers during a conference call on Monday when he was told he wouldn’t be indicted as a result of Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr.’s probe into The Trump Organization.

“Just wait until 2024, you’ll see,” Trump reportedly his advisers, according to Politico. “This is going to hurt Sleepy Joe.”

One adviser told the outlet he got the impression from the statement that the new emboldened the former president.

“Now he’s definitely going to run for president,” the person said.

On Wednesday, reports noted that The Trump Organization’s long-serving chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg could expect to be indicted on allegations linked to tax violations top executives of the company received in benefits. That possibly includes the use of cars and apartments, as well as school tuition. As of Wednesday evening, The AP reported, those charges remained sealed.

“People familiar with the case said the charges were related to allegations of unpaid taxes on benefits for Trump Organization executives,” The Washington Post noted. “Trump himself is not expected to be charged this week, the people said, and no others in his orbit are expected to face imminent charges.”

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The Post went on to report that indictments could increase pressure on Weisselberg to provide testimony against Trump “in exchange for lessening his own risk, according to another person familiar with the case.”

But, the former president, who visited the Texas-Mexico border Wednesday at the invitation of Gov. Greg Abbott, appeared to be strengthened by the news.

Trump, however, was strengthened by the news. A former campaign advisor told Politico the former president can promote the continued “witch hunt” against him.

“It’s going to be a two-pronged message: The message for political public consumption and then the PR message against the substance of the case itself,” Trump’s 2016 campaign adviser Sam Nunberg told Politico.

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“He’s already talked about this being the greatest witch hunt, a continuation of the greatest witch hunt, and it will just anger his supporters.”

Another adviser told Politico that Trump remains mostly focused on what he views as fraudulent 2020 election results.

“His world is seriously consumed by that,” the advisor told Politico. “In comparison to election fraud, [the investigation] is not even close.”