Survey: Democrat Support Slipping For Biden-Harris Admin

(USA Features) A new survey finds support for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris slipping just five months into their term, as the economy continues its dicey comeback amid inflationary pressures and the U.S.-Mexico border remains chaotic.

Biden’s support began eroding in April among fellow Democrats mostly as his administration deals with a Democrat-controlled Congress to enact his campaign promises as more Americans begin to worry about an uneven economic recovery, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling data.

A national opinion survey taken June 11-17 claims that Biden is still getting better approval than former President Donald Trump at the same point in their terms — 55% of adults allegedly approve of Biden’s performance, with 65% saying they approve of his coronavirus responses. That compares to 36% approval for Trump four years ago, though he had just won an overwhelming electoral majority over Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

“However, a growing number of Americans disapprove of Biden’s leadership on the economy, gun violence, and taxation, with the biggest decline coming within Biden’s Democratic Party, especially those under the age of 40, non-whites, or those who do not have a college degree,” Reuters reported Wednesday.

The survey noted that Americans are now more concerned with the economy and rising inflation than with healthcare, the former top concern.

Nearly one-quarter of adults called the economy the No. 1 concern as most Americans are increasingly worried about the rising cost of living. The public is nearly evenly split about whether the federal government ought to do more to try and make things better, the survey found.

About 48% of respondents said they approve of Biden’s economic policies, down 4% from April. The number of Americans who disapprove with Biden’s handling of the economy rose 4 points to 43%, Reuters reported.

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Democrat pollster Ryan Pougiales noted that many Americans still believe they are not back to normal.

“There’s a huge impatience” with the economy, Pougiales said. “Everyone’s been bottled up in their homes. Many have lost their jobs or lost loved ones.”

Just 35% of the country thinks the U.S. economy is headed in the right direction, and 44% say they are “very concerned” that prices will keep rising, the survey found.

“Among Democrats, 78% said they approved of Biden’s economic agenda, down 7 points from April, while the number of Democrats who disapproved of his economic plan rose 6 points to 15%,” said Reuters.

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“That includes an 11-point drop in approval among Democrats under 40 years old, and an 8-point drop in approval among minority Democrats and Democrats without a college degree,” the newswire continued.