Boebert Calls Out Dems For Reapportioning Relief Money to Fund Police

(USA Features) Freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert called out Democrats for claiming COVID-19 relief money was actually earmarked for funding more police in crime-filled cities after calling for defunding departments for months.

“It’s hilarious now to hear the so-called American Rescue Plan being used to fund police officers,” Boebert, a Colorado Republican, told Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.” on Monday. “This is nothing that they were touting that entire time.”

Boebert told co-hosts Logan Ratick and Lyndsay Keith that crime spikes in major cities over the past year are the predictable result of Democrat policies and anti-police activism during 2020 unrest.

“You know this Democrats’ strategy 101 – creating a crisis and they’re blaming others for it,” she said. “Republicans didn’t call for riots in the streets. They didn’t call for defunding of our police or increasing gun regulations.

“And these cities with massive crime increases have been under Democrat control for decades,” she continued.

“Maybe if some of these policies actually worked, Republicans would look to these Democrat-run cities and say, ‘Hey, guys, you’re on to something here,’ but their cities are being run into the ground,” Boebert added.

She predicted that if the same cities were run by Republicans, they would be cleaned up and made safer “in no time.”

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“You and I both know that a Republican could clean up the streets in no time,” she said. “We would remove and reduce gun restrictions, fully fund police, promote respect for our officers, penalize rioters, and promote work over welfare. Done.

The Colorado Republican and concealed carry lawmaker added “these leftists aren’t going to actually solve the issue” of rising crime they fueled with anti-police rhetoric.

“I actually talked with a lot of law enforcement officers who are so frustrated right now by these Democrat policies – the way Democrats have been demonizing police officers and vilifying them,” she continued.

“And even in Colorado, qualified immunity has been taken away from our law enforcement at the state level, and now Democrats want to do that nationwide,” Boebert went on.

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“It is very difficult for them to even recruit new police officers, new law enforcement officers because of the policies that they know are coming,” she said.

“If you really want to reduce any kind of crime, let’s start with the laws that are already on the books and enforce those.”