Lindsey Graham Jokes About How He Came to Like Trump

(USA Features) GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham engaged in some stand-up comedy Friday during a speech at a conservative event in Florida over how he and former President Donald Trump started out as presidential rivals but came to find “common ground.”

“We came to find common ground, that common ground is that he likes him, and I’ve come to like him,” Graham joked while speaking at the Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference on Friday.

“That will get you through 18 holes of golf,” he added. “The front nine is about why he likes him, the back nine is why I like him.”

The South Carolina Republican also mentioned the 2022 elections and what that means for the “party of Trump.”

“If we win in 2022, it means the party of Trump is not dead and buried it is still alive,” Graham said.

“If we can pull this off, take back the House and the Senate then 2024 becomes ours to lose. Imagine four more years of Donald Trump policies,” Graham added.

Graham went on to discuss the former president’s relationship with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

Graham also commented on Trump’s relationship with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

“I don’t see Mitch and Trump going on vacation, but that’s okay. We’ve just gotta, we’ve just gotta get to the same place. I don’t care if we take different cars, do y’all?” Graham said.

Last month during a Fox News appearance, Graham discussed a potential Trump 2024 presidential bid.

“It should be an America First agenda and if President Trump runs, he’s going to have some damage to repair, but I think he’s in great shape to win the primary and could get reelected,” Graham said.

“And my question is, if he’s the nominee would you support him? I would like to hear a lot of people answer that question,” the Republican senator added.