Lauren Boebert Tells Antifa Protesting Her Event: ‘Get A Job’

(USA Features) Freshmen Rep. Lauren Boebert has a message for Antifa leftists who protested her and other conservatives at a Denver event on Friday: “Get a job.”

Boebert, a Colorado Republican, had addressed the Colorado Christian University Centennial Institute’s Western Conservative Summit during the evening.

“Maybe this is their job. Maybe they’re paid to do it,” Boebert told the Washington Examiner on Saturday.

“You see this from extreme leftist progressives because either this is their job, either they are paid to do it, or they have nothing better to do, they’re sitting at home collecting a check, and this is their life,” she added.

“I mean, I don’t have time for that,” the pistol-packing GOP lawmaker went on.

“You don’t see conservatives doing things like this because we have families to take care of, we have jobs to work at, we have communities to grow. And that’s our focus — not to destroy, but to build,” she said.

Later, Boebert defended Denver police after they were confronted by a raucous group of protesters who called them “Boebert’s Bitch Boys.”

“That’s too far,” she said of the stand-off with about 10 officers in riot gear.

“For them to attempt to attack me but to demoralize our police — that’s disgusting,” Boebert said.

“That’s not an attack on me. That’s an attack on the men and women who get dressed every day to serve their communities, who sacrifice and risk their lives every day,” she continued.

Boebert then blasted the Democratic-controlled Colorado state legislature for getting rid of qualified immunity for police officers.

“They don’t know what’s going to happen when they step foot out that door,” Boebert said of police officers.

“Can you imagine the stress of going into these situations where it’s — especially in this climate, in this environment where our police officers are demonized and vilified? And now, they’re personally liable for their job,” she said.