Boston U. Prof. Suggests Lowering Standards at U.S. Naval Academy to Bolster Diversity

(USA Features) A professor at Boston University is suggesting that the U.S. Naval Academy lower its entrance standards so more persons of color can attend, leading critics to push back saying that suggestion in and of itself is racist.

Boston University School of Law Associate Director Maureen Leo made the proposal during a Zoom call in which she was “discussing strengthening the Corps, promoting antiracist admissions practices at the United States Naval Academy by moving to a test-optional admissions criteria,” the Post Millennial reported.

“At this moment in our history we must as ourselves ‘can we do better?’ And what can we do as a leading institution of naval service to promote antiracism policies in our admissions practices?” Leo said.

“At this moment in history, our institution, like all institutions across the country, should be begging themselves of this question: How can we do it better?” she continued, turning to the issue of race.

“How can we turn this sea of white faces and white uniforms into something that looks more like this?” she asked, displaying a photo of a group of Navy Midshipmen and women, followed by a photo of black servicemen and women.

“We need to do better,” Leo insisted.

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She went on to show a slide of the proposed change that talks of “the presence of systemic racism in our country” and that “we are committed [to] an antiracist admission policy that supports and rewards academic excellent, leadership, and diversity.”

She then claimed that the use of standardized testing in admission standards negatively impacts persons of color, but she failed to provide any supportive data.

To back her proposal, she cited President Teddy Roosevelt, who once said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

“The time now is to do that here, to move the United States Naval Academy from this sea of white,” she said, again showing the photo of the Midshipmen, “to what it can and has the promise of becoming.

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“We’ve done it before and we can do it again,” Leo said.