Texas, Arizona Request Law Enforcement Assistance From States to Help in Border Crisis

(USA Features) Texas and Arizona are requesting additional law enforcement assistance from other states as the migrant crisis along their borders worsens.

In a letter last week, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, both Republicans, said the surge of migrants over their borders, surpassing 180,000 in May alone, the most in 20 years, is overwhelming their respective law enforcement agencies.

Both governors blamed the Biden administration for the surge and for not doing enough to help contain it.

“Texas and Arizona have stepped up to secure the border in the federal government’s absence, and now the Emergency Management Assistance Compact gives your State a chance to stand strong with us,” the letter read.

The request comes after Abbott and Ducey wrote in an April op-ed that President Joe Biden’s immigration policies of catch-and-release while ending Trump-era enforcement mechanisms has U.S. Border Patrol overwhelmed.

“The president and Vice President Harris campaigned on a platform of relaxed border security,” the two wrote. “These actions have led to the unprecedented surge of migrants who are overwhelming the border.”

Law enforcement from other states will provide additional support for Arizona and Texas agencies, the governors noted in their letter.

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In addition to containing illegal immigrants, the governors said additional law enforcement help will also enable them to catch more drug smugglers who are bringing in record amounts of deadly fentanyl.

Both states have spent billions since Biden took office on additional border security and law enforcement actions, they said in their letter.