Survey: Rising Inflation is Biden’s Fault, According to Most Americans

(USA Features) Unprecedented inflation in recent months is being blamed on President Joe Biden’s economic policies, according to a just-released survey.

According to the Trafalgar Group/Convention of the States poll, 39% of respondents blamed Biden, while 17.7% placed the blame on former President Donald Trump.

“The poll also revealed that some voters feel Congress is to blame for rising inflation, with 14.4% blaming the current Congress, compared to 10.9% who blame the previous Congress,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Independent voters blamed Biden more than Trump as well, by a 35.5-16.9% margin, the survey said.

The poll comes amid rising prices for a range of goods, services, and commodities and inflationary pressures that have not been seen in decades.

A Labor Department report Thursday showing the consumer price index rose 5% in May year over year, leading Republicans to increasingly point fingers at Biden’s policies as well.

“When people think about how government policies may affect their personal finances, they think of taxes—or, how much the government takes out of your paycheck,” said Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., in a statement. “We want them to think of inflation, too, because government policies affect how far your paycheck will go.”

Banks is proposing “a change to House rules requiring committees to report how legislation will affect inflation to highlight the recent price increases many Republicans attribute to President Biden’s policies,” Fox Business reported.

Among the president’s policies Republicans have criticized include providing extra unemployment benefits for months on end via COVID relief measures, which is pumping money into the economy while at the same time creating an artificial labor shortage.

“The chairman of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors blasted Biden’s spending spree: ‘I don’t know any economist that was recommending something the size of what was done,’” the Republican Study Committee, which Banks chairs, tweeted late last month.

“Biden ignored his own party’s economists. Now we pay the price via inflation.”