Survey: Americans Back Concealed Carry of Guns By Huge Margin

(USA Features) Likely voters support concealed carry of firearms by a 2-to-1 margin, according to a newly released survey by Zogby International, the Washington Examiner reported.

The poll, which was released to the outlet a few minutes before the Biden administration published a new rule targeting extended stocks on AR- and similar-style short-barreled rifles and pistols, found that likely voters support concealed carry 63-29%, according to the outlet.

In an analysis of the survey’s results, John Zogby wrote that most voters “agreed that the Second Amendment to the Constitution should also encompass the right to carry a concealed gun.”

“A majority of voters supported concealed carry as a part of the Second Amendment in all regions,” he added, citing the survey’s results.

The poll is the first to find that Americans believe the Second Amendment protects the right to carry a gun concealed.

The results also come ahead of the U.S. Supreme Court’s consideration of a law in New York banning the right to concealed carry and as the Biden administration considers new gun control legislation as well that would include taxing and registration of millions of legally purchased and owned AR-15 pistols.

The issue of concealed carry has become more prominent even in liberal cities and states following a year’s worth of riots and rising violence.

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In Congress, meanwhile, a number of bills in the House and Senate would authorize a national “reciprocity” for Americans who hold concealed-carry permits so they can legally travel between states with their firearms.

It’s not clear if those bills would cover Americans who live in states with so-called “constitutional carry” laws that allow concealed carry without having to take a training course or obtain a license from the state.

“The survey is likely to be seized upon by the authors” of such legislation, The Washington Examiner added.

Firearms sales have continued to set records over the past year, and in nearly all parts of the country there is an ongoing shortage of ammunition for all major calibers.

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First-time gun purchases including more women, blacks, and minorities have dramatically increased as well amid the crime spikes.