Jordan: Americans Should Simply Ignore All Democrat Talking Points

(USA Features) GOP Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio said Wednesday that Americans ought to simply ignore Democratic talking points because they are never fact-based.

Jordan, in an appearance with Fox News host Sean Hannity, premised his remarks on new revelations that the country’s lead immunologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, appeared to acknowledge in emails more than a year ago that COVID-19 likely emerged from a Chinese laboratory that was doing gain-of-function research, though publicly he downplayed that potentiality.

“So, there’s all kinds of important questions the American taxpayer and the American people deserve answers to,” Jordan said.

“They told us that the IRS didn’t target conservatives. They told us Benghazi was started by a video. They told us the dossier was true. They told us Trump colluded with Russia. They told us that the Hunter Biden story was Russian misinformation. They told us that there’s not really a crisis on the border,” the Ohio Republican said.

“And, of course, now they tell us, oh, no, no, the lab leak theory, there was nothing to that. Every time, they’re wrong,” he continued.

“I tell people all the time when you see a headline from the mainstream press that’s something the Democrats are pushing, just automatically assume it’s not true,” added Jordan.

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“So, that’s where we’re at,” he noted further. “I hope we do have hearings. I hope the Democrats will do it and we can call these people in and get answers for the American people.”

Jordan went on to address Fauci, who is also the Biden administration’s chief medical adviser on COVID, saying that he should be asked “some pointed questions about what he knew when this whole thing started.”

“And he approved our tax dollars going to this, which raises obvious questions, Sean, why are we sending money to a lab in China in the first place?” Jordan asked.

“And why is Joe Biden putting us back into the World Health Organization?”

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