Border Sees Surge of Illegal Migrants from Terrorist-Designated Countries

(USA Features) An increasing number of migrants crossing illegally into the U.S. amid the ongoing border crisis are coming from nations on the United States’ list of terrorist countries, according to a Wednesday report.

Witnesses along the border say that those migrants are from non-Central American Muslim “terrorist” nations, the Washington Examiner reported.

Bensman has been following and charting the dramatic rise in illegal crossings since President Joe Biden took office on behalf of the Center for Immigration Studies, a group that advocates for less immigration overall.

In his report, Bensman documents a “record 10,000 so-called ‘extra-continental’ migrants” who he has witnessed crossing into the U.S. thus far.

“The numbers are the highest ever this month. They have dramatically, dramatically, dramatically increased,” independent journalist Michael Yon told him. “It’s up 300%, 400%. Be prepared. They’re coming.”

Yon “has been reporting on both the Panama and Colombian sides of the Darien Gap for several months alongside American journalist Chuck Holton, who lives in Panama,” Bensman writes.

He noted that the two journalists recently escorted a pair of GOP lawmakers, Rep. Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin and another who requested not to be named yet, to the region so they could see the phenomenon first-hand.

Drastic policy changes have led to a surge of illegal immigration, which is overwhelming Border Patrol and exacerbating the public health situation. I sent a letter to expressing concerns and requesting answers about the Biden admin’s handling of the border crisis,” Tiffany said in a tweet with a screengrab of the letter sent to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

“It’s so easy at this point for someone who has ill intentions for America, who wants to commit a terrorist act, to meld in with these migrants traveling through, to get into America,” Tiffany said, according to Bensman.

“There are so many coming. We have no idea who they are. It’s easy for the bad guys right now to get into our country because the system is overwhelmed,” Tiffany added.

Holton said that the influx now is largely due to the fact that Donald Trump is no longer president, adding that many migrants he has interviewed and want to claim asylum in the U.S. under Biden have been living in Central and South American countries for years.

“All the rest have been living in Chile, Ecuador, and Brazil for three or four years. That shows that they knew there was no use in trying to make into the United States for four years under Trump until a new president got in and they could head north,” Holton said.

“Those people started to slow down and stop because of COVID and Donald Trump, and now that COVID is lifting and Trump is gone, they’re making a mad rush for it because they’ve got to get in while the getting is good,” he added.