Grenell Says Notion VP Harris Ready to Lead County ‘Is a Joke’

(USA Features) Former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell on Monday dismissed the idea that Vice President Kamala Harris is prepared to lead the country as “a joke.”

In an interview with Newsmax TV’s “Cortez & Pellegrino,” Grenell said that pushback Harris received after tweeting at Americans to enjoy their “long weekend” on Friday without mentioning Memorial Day or its meaning is new to her because he says she has not been heavily scrutinized throughout her political career.

“What we’re seeing now is Kamala Harris really stumble on the national stage,” Grenell said. “Whether it’s her inability to go down and communicate on the border why she’s in charge or what the problems are, or articulate why she’s not going to physically be there.

“Or now what we see is her stumbles where she’s not quite able to articulate patriotism the way the others are,” Grenell, a native Californian like Harris, added.

Harris issued another statement over the weekend recognizing men and women of the U.S. military who lost their lives in battle, which is the purpose of Memorial Day, after she was roundly criticized online and in some media circles for a tweet many saw as tone-deaf.

“The idea that she’s prepared to lead the country is a joke,” Grenell told co-hosts Steve Cortes and Jenn Pellegrino. “She’s never been put through the rigor. She’s really unaccustomed to tough questions.

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“You’ll notice she’s not meeting the press. She’s not going out, because she’s just really used to having the comfortable Sacramento or California press cover her, which means she gets glowing reviews for anything she does,” he added, noting that in California, where Harris got her start in politics, Democratic leaders are seldom scrutinized.

“Now that’s she’s in Washington, she still has the progressive D.C. reporter-type glow all around her, but she’s now having to face conservative media, or real journalism, and she’s unaccustomed to that,” said Grenell.

“We have a one-[party] system here in California,” he noted further. “Kamala Harris has not been put forward in any way to the media to be scrutinized. She’s not unique in that. It’s most Democrats in California because we have a one-party system.

“They just go through their career and they actually never get push back or tough questions.”

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