Tucker Carlson Castigates ‘Malicious Leaders’ For Blaming Crime Spike on Pandemic

(USA Features) Fox News host Tucker Carlson took umbrage with U.S. political leaders who have blamed recent spikes in violent crime in most major American cities on the COVID-19 pandemic.

During his Thursday monologue, Carlson began by noting some examples of local media and political leaders like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio directly blaming murders and crime spikes on the virus, but without offering any reasoning, evidence, or justification.

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Carlson went on to note that in major cities in other countries like Canada, violent crimes went down during the pandemic because, he reasoned, fewer people were allowed to venture out.

“Right, it must have been the pandemic. It makes sense because we forced everyone to stay home. That’s why there are so many people on the street shooting each other and pushing strangers into oncoming subway cars. Does that make sense to you?” Carlson said,

“No, it doesn’t make sense to anyone. But thankfully experts soon emerged to explain why something so obviously untrue must, in fact, be true,” he continued, quoting a former CIA officer who told the New York Times the same thing.

“Because the stresses of the pandemic are everywhere, you are seeing this everywhere,” former agent Jeff Asher told the Times, according to Carlson.

“Except we’re not seeing it everywhere, that’s not true,” said the host. “The coronavirus may be global, but rising crime rates are not global.”

“Police in Canada reported that crime fell by 18 percent between March and October 2020. In the U.K., crime saw its biggest annual decrease in a decade. In Sweden and Russia, crime dropped too. Even in Mexico, which is in the middle of a drug war, there were fewer homicides in 2020 than there were in 2019. For normal countries, the pandemic meant more Netflix and less killing,” said Carlson.

“But not here. In the United States, the opposite happened. A lot of Netflix, even more killings,” he added. “You’re seeing the data on your screen now; it’s from a nonprofit called The Council on Criminal Justice and researchers at the University of Missouri. It shows the average weekly homicide rate in 21 major cities. Killings spiked in late May, well after the pandemic began.”

“Murders are up 800 percent in Portland, 56 percent in Minneapolis, 27 percent in Los Angeles, 22 percent in New York, and 40 percent in Philadelphia,” he said, going on to blame Democratic political leaders.

“So you have to ask yourself, because your life may depend on it, why is this country different from Sweden, Russia, and Mexico? You know the answer,” he said. “It’s not COVID.

“It’s that in our country, stupid, malicious people took full control—the Democratic Party took full control of the country—and their policies resulted in a huge number of killings,” said the host.

Later, he noted that Democrat-run cities and prosecutors are increasingly refusing to punish many criminals, which is largely behind the crime spikes.

“To be clear, it’s not that Americans have grown more prone to steal, it’s that stealing is now allowed. And when you allow something, you get more of it. This is a result of policies with the intention to get more stealing. Designed to give us more murder, more rape, more pushing people in front of subway cars. It’s happened because the people in charge allowed it to happen,” he said.