Grenell: Intel Community Signed Off on Wuhan Lab Leak Theory in April 2020

(USA Features) Former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell said Friday that the intelligence community unanimously agreed to a statement in April 2020 that COVID-19 likely came from a lab in Wuhan, China.

In an interview with Newsmax TV’s Grant Stinchfield, Grenell pushed back on claims that the Trump administration did not pass along information indicating that the virus likely was leaked from the lab, adding that many Washington politicians and media outlets ignored it because they refused to allow former President Donald Trump a win “to define how COVID started.”

“If you go back to April 30, 2020, there is a statement that was issued when I was acting director of national intelligence that the entire intelligence community agreed to, and that’s a very rare thing when you can get all of the agencies to sign off on every verb and every comma. But they did and they made three very critical points and, in that statement – it’s still up on the DNI website – we said China was responsible for COVID-19,” said Grenell.

“And the intelligence community 100 percent agreed across the board, that it either started in a Wuhan lab or in what we said animal to human transmission, which really means wet market,” he added.

“We were very clear but the game in Washington was they didn’t want to pick up on that statement, they didn’t publish it, they didn’t push it out like they should have because it would have given Donald Trump a win to define how COVID started, which was his clear statement that it started in China,” he told the host.

“Now we have Joe Biden pretending to instruct the intelligence community to go review documents and catch up. Let me be very clear, the intelligence community every day looks at documents. They don’t need to be told to catch up or do a 90-day review,” he continued, a reference to the Biden administration’s recent statement pledging to look into the virus’s origin.

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“They do that review every single day. So, if one person is behind and wants a 90-day catch-up, it’s Joe Biden,” said Grenell.

He went on to speculate why current DNI Avril Haines hasn’t been briefing Biden.

“Why is Joe Biden confused about what we know about COVID-19? Because the intelligence community doesn’t hold anything back,” he said. “They every single day evaluate and push forward. It’s just some people aren’t listening or some people are listening to The Washington Post when they have some leaker.”

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