Michael Flynn Believes COVID Was Intentionally Weaponized, Released by China

(USA Features) Former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who spent his 30-year military career in Army intelligence and who also once ran the Defense Intelligence Agency, said this week he believes that China intentionally weaponized and then released the COVID-19 virus.

“We’ve had over a year of people all over the world having to answer tough questions,” Flynn said during an interview on WJAS, Summit News reported.

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“The people in this country are demanding answers. I believe we what we are going to find out is that this was a weaponized operation by the nation of China with some collaboration… with other countries,” Flynn continued.

While he maintained that COVID-19 was “some kind of attack,” he added that it could have “occurred mistakenly because of poor operational conditions inside these laboratories in China.”

Flynn went on to say that he definitely believes the virus is real and that it has killed many people, especially the elderly, a view that runs counter to previous published claims that he thought the virus was a hoax.

“We must demand from our government [to know] exactly what happened,” he said, adding that “we’ve had the entire country and the entire world shut down, people have lost their livelihoods and businesses… this has caused a massive shift in our entire society.”

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“The people of this country are not going to stand for just continuing to go down this road of these falsehoods and these lies about the origins of COVID,” Flynn told the “Rose Unplugged” show.