Biden Admin Releases Cost of Durham Probe As Prosecutor Remains Missing in Action

(USA Features) The Biden administration has released a report regarding special counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the ‘Russiagate’ probe just days after former President Donald Trump and former South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy publicly inquired about his probe.

Durham, who resigned as a U.S. prosecutor in February but remained in his special counsel role after being appointed by then-Attorney General William Barr last fall, has not been heard from much since.

The absence of information on the progress of his investigation into what led the Obama administration to launch a counterintelligence investigation of then-GOP presidential nominee Trump’s 2016 campaign is leading some, including Trump and Gowdy, to question why.

According to the Biden administration’s report released Thursday, Durham has spent about $1.5 million between October 19 through March 31,

It’s not clear where Durham is in his probe or if it’s moving ahead at all.

“Where’s Durham — what ever happened to the Durham Report?” Trump wrote on his Save America Desk website last Saturday.

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The same day, Gowdy, himself a former federal prosecutor, said during his podcast he hasn’t been able to ascertain any information about the progress of the probe from his Justice Department contacts.

“The reality is no one knows,” Gowdy said, the Washington Examiner reported. “I mean I — there are people that were really, really high up in government. Like really high up in government in the last administration that I talked to in the last week, and they don’t have a clue.”

He added: “I certainly don’t – as just a regular old, washed-up former country prosecutor in South Carolina – I don’t know,” Gowdy added.

He went on to hit those who over-promised on potential prosecutions, including some Republican lawmakers whom he served with.

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“The lesson here, one of the lessons here I think, to my former Republican colleagues, is when you over-promise, or you assure people that there are going to be indictments, and you assure people that folks are going to jail, and you have no power and no access to make sure that happens, you just – after a while – begin to lose credibility,” Gowdy said.

“Which is why you have never heard me say: ‘I promise you someone is going to jail as a result of the Durham probe.'”

He went on to speculate that the silence may not mean anything is out of the ordinary.

“Part of me thinks that prosecutors who don’t have enough to allege a crime need to keep their mouths shut,” Gowdy said. “And part of me thinks that this is more than just a criminal investigation.

“It’s a counterintelligence investigation. It’s an investigation into whether procedures and powers that we give government, whether folks were good stewards of those powers, and you could make an argument that we should know that,” he added.

“We should know whether or not someone abused their authority or their power in a non-criminal way. And I guess we should know if they did so in a criminal way, but for some reason, the case is not prosecutable, I guess,” Gowdy continued.

“But I am not convinced that we should know everyone who is investigated but never charged because that’s just not the way the system works.”