GOP Lawmaker: Party Will Win Big in 2022 If Candidates Focus on School, Healthcare Issues

(USA Features) Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy said Wednesday he believes his party will score many victories in 2022 and even retake the House if they stick to core issues that are of concern to most Americans including school and healthcare mandates from the Biden administration.

“On the cultural fight, stop having Washington, D.C. telling you how to live your life,” Roy told the John Solomon Reports podcast.

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Americans “don’t want to be told what to do,” he continued. “They don’t want Washington coming in and telling you that some boy is going to run against your daughter in a track meet even though it’s because that boy says he’s a girl.

“They don’t want to have a confusion about that there’s two bathrooms, they don’t — they just want common sense,” the Texas Republican noted further.

“They don’t want their kids taught that America’s evil in school — this critical race theory, once they learn it, they go, ‘Wait, this is crazy,'” Roy continued, referencing curriculum many critics see as overtly pushing Marxist ideology.

“And if there’s one great thing that came out of the horrible year of government intrusion in our lives with respect to the coronavirus response, it’s that the veil has been lifted on a corrupt, corrosive education system, where the American people can see what’s been happening to their kids in ways they didn’t before,” he added.

Roy said that there is an exodus out of many public schools to homeschooling and private schools because of the addition of so much cultural leftism.

“What we need to do is create the incentives so that parents can have true choice and be able to be free to educate their children the way they want to, create the kind of competition and the kind of accountability that needs to exist in our public school system. Because they’re our kids and they’re our future. I think the American people are seeing that,” he said.

Roy, a cancer survivor, went on to discuss how Republicans should approach healthcare reform.

“This is what we’ve done to our system: We’ve made it unaffordable, we’ve made getting the doctor of your choice too unattainable, and we’ve done it for stupid reasons, all enriching insurance companies and making insurance bureaucrats be the ones calling the shots about your healthcare and not you,” he said.

“So Republicans’ message, and I head up the Republican Study Committee Healthcare Task Force, our message is going to be simple: Personalized care for you, ensuring that you go to the doctor of your choice, no government or insurance bureaucrat gets to tell you what your healthcare is,” he said.

“We’re going to make sure that you’re able to have care and that absolutely, you’ve got the backstop to make sure that you can get that care. But we do that by allowing you to carry your insurance with you job to job, by empowering you and getting all of those people out of the way.”

Continuing, the Texas Republican added: “If we talk about that the right way, and you go to a soccer mom, you go to a dad, a parent, and you say you’re gonna be able to control your healthcare, you’re gonna be able to go the doctor of your choice, and no, you’re not going to be stuck without being able to get care. That’s our Republican plan, and it’s gonna be affordable. I think it sells, and I think we should go on offense on that, as well as education and stop pretending that’s a Democrat issue.”

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