House Republicans Seek Pushback On ‘Left-Wing Extremism’ in Military

(USA Features) A group of GOP lawmakers have sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin requesting he take action against “creeping left-wing extremism” in the U.S. military.

Led by Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale, the letter comes amid Austin’s order to the Pentagon to conduct an extremism review in the ranks that House Republicans believe will “root out servicemembers who will not affirm far-left doctrines.”

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In addition, the group believes that the addition of a diversity and inclusion office, as well as a recruiting ad featuring a female Army corporal raised by lesbian parents who said she marched in social justice demonstrations, are also blatantly left-wing in nature.

Instead, the military should remain an apolitical institution, they argue, because it must.

“The military’s long history of standing above politics has made it one of the most respected institutions in America and enabled our armed forces to both defend the Homeland and serve as one of the bulwarks of our constitutional order. That legacy is now in jeopardy,” the letter says, the Washington Examiner reported.

The letter was signed by 29 other Republicans, including Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs of Arizona, Georgia firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, and Texas Rep. Chip Roy.

Earlier this year, Austin conducted a 60-day extremism review following the Jan. 6 riot, after which he ordered a number of actions to be taken to combat alleged extremism. They include coming up with a definition of the term, training members to be on the lookout to be recruited by outside extremist groups, and asking new recruits more about potential past ties to extremists.

He has also appointed an inclusion officer, a civilian named Bishop Garrison who has his own history of making left-wing extremist remarks on social media.

“Under the guise of reviewing ‘extremism’ within the ranks of the Department of Defense, it appears that political actors such as Bishop Garrison, the head of the working group tasked with defining extremist views for the Department of Defense, have been given broad freedom to both catechize and root out servicemembers who will not affirm far-left doctrines,” the letter said.

“Your order for a ‘stand-down’ to ideologically assess servicemembers appears to have been connected to these efforts,” it added.

Earlier, Austin’s choice of Richard Torres-Estrada, who was hired to be the diversity chief for United States Special Operations Command, had to quickly be replaced when tweets he posted comparing former President Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler were uncovered.

“Recently the United States Army released a recruitment video titled ‘The Calling’ which describes marching in left-wing social protests as ‘defending freedom,’ depicts ‘two moms’ raising a child, features a lesbian wedding, and refers to the subject of the video’s service to this country as “shattering stereotypes,'” the letter said.

In addition to appealing directly to Austin, Republicans are hoping to add amendments to the next defense spending bill prohibiting so-called “woke” political bias in the Pentagon and throughout the military.

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