Texas Gov. Abbott Vows to Defund Cities That Defund Police Depts.

(USA Features) Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott vowed to defund cities that vote to defund their police departments.

“Unfortunately, we had the same thing happen here in the state of Texas, where the city of Austin defunded police,” Abbott told Fox News. “Which is why you saw that tragic situation reported in Austin, Texas.”

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Abbott was referencing a report that Austin police took 13 minutes to respond to a call of man shot in the head because the department is critically short on staffing after the city voted to cut funding.

As such, Abbott vowed, “We’re going to defund” Austin and other cities in the Lone Star state that vote to do the same thing after signing legislation on Tuesday calling for it.

“First, the context: and that is that you pointed out, what’s going on in Minneapolis, where it is both a tragedy and a disaster. What’s going on for the residents of Minneapolis because of the defunded police and you’ve seen the same thing in Portland and Seattle and Chicago and New York, et cetera,” he said.

“One, we wanted to make sure that there were going to be consequences for the city of Austin. The second is we wanted to make sure that no other city in the state of Texas would defund police,” Abbott added.

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