Biden Advisory Panel Links Amnesty for Illegal Migrants to ‘Environmental Justice’

(USA Features) An advisory panel to the Biden administration recommended linking language of the Green New Deal and so-called “environmental justice” to amnesty for people in the U.S. illegally.

In a 90-plus page report containing dozens of recommendations that was released last week, the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council tied in policies the Biden administration already supports, along with Democrats, to environmental policy, the Daily Signal reported.

“Lack of immigration status fundamentally limits the ability of immigrants to enforce their rights and have access to programs and services that would promote their food, housing, economic security, and improved environmental quality,” the report states, calling the situation as a “challenge.”

In that vein, the report makes two recommendations for the administration to meet the challenge.

“The [Biden] administration should leverage its discretion and resources to ensure that undocumented individuals and families are not left out or ineligible to benefit from EJ40 investments,” says the first one, referencing the Environmental Justice 40 initiative that was laid out in President Joe Biden’s January executive order that created the council.

“Where limitations in servicing undocumented individuals require statutory changes, the administration, at the highest levels, should work aggressively with Congress to secure a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants, as well as other improvements to prevent the exclusion of the undocumented from [Environmental] Justice 40 investments, given that they are predominantly BIPOC,” says the second recommendation, using the acronym for black, Indigenous, and people of color.

The recommendations were instantly met with derision.

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“These proposals do a disservice to the very communities they claim to help,” om Pyle, president of the Institute for Energy Research, told the outlet. “I don’t see how communities in this country are going to benefit from amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

“I would point to the title of the panel, ‘Environmental Justice.’ When you convene something with the word ‘justice’ in it, that becomes the ultimate focus,” added Paul Gessing, president of the Rio Grande Foundation, a free market think tank in New Mexico.

“Justice means different things to different people. But once a panel goes down a ‘justice’ rabbit hole, it can create a lot of policies that have nothing to do with the [modifier], in this case environmental.”

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