Sen. Rick Scott Calls for Complete U.S. Boycott of ‘Despicable’ China

(USA Features) GOP Sen. Rick Scott of Florida said Sunday that the U.S. should completely boycott China because the country is “not our friend” and the government is “despicable.”

“We should stop buying anything from communist China. They are not our friend. The people are wonderful. The government is despicable,” he told Sunday’s “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM-N.Y.

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Even during the Cold War when the U.S. and USSR were squaring off for global domination, people “never thought about buying anything from the Soviet Union,” Scott said.

“The government of China, communist China, what they want to do is dominate the world,” he added.

“They don’t believe in your rights. If you look at how they treat their own citizens, how do you think they think about Americans? They put a million people in prison by their religion. They involuntarily harvest your organs if you’re in prison,” said the former Florida governor.


“They took away the basic rights of Hong Kong citizens. They built their military to defeat the U.S. military. They’re threatening Taiwan right now. So, the way we’re going to beat them is we have got to stop doing business with them — stop,” Scott continued.

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Noting that American consumers cannot continue to fuel China’s economy, Scott recommended that shoppers ask before they buy, “is it made in communist China?”

“We cannot continue to help them build their economy because as their economy grows and gets bigger than ours, we will never be able to beat or defend if they want to invade Taiwan or wherever they want to go, he continued.

“They are an expansionary country… China, they want to control every country all over the world,” he noted.

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  1. I agree with Rick Scott if we boycott them it will hurt I don’t bye anything that’s not made in U S A everyone do it.

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