Rubio Calls Jan. 6 Commission Bill A ‘Partisan Political Weapon’; Will Vote ‘No’

(USA Features) Sen. Marco Rubio said Friday he plans to vote against a bill that would establish a commission to examine the origins of the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol Building because he believes it will be used as a “political weapon” against former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

“Last night I read the bill creating a January 6th commission,” Rubio wrote in a tweet that included a video message from the Florida senator. “It isn’t designed to produce a serious inquiry; it’s designed to be used as partisan political weapon. I am a no.”

As he read through the bill, Rubio said it “became apparent pretty quickly what it is all about.”

“We already know who happened January 6, it was a horrifying day that should never happen again,” Rubio added, noting the Department of Justice is currently prosecuting the “hundreds of people responsible for what happened that day.”

“It’s about politics, here’s how. They have this thing that says in order to issue a subpoena, you need both the Republican and Democratic side evenly divided to agree. But that’s not the point for politics. You don’t actually need the subpoena,” he continued.

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“What you need is a story out there saying congressman so and so, they want to subpoena him, but they can’t because the Republicans are blocking it. And then the stories… number one may create the impression maybe Congressman so and so did something wrong, why would they want to subpoena him?” the Florida Republican continued.

“Number two the story would be Republicans are covering up the investigation into so and so. So that’s what this is about,” Rubio noted further. “It’s about damaging Republicans. You don’t even need the subpoena. You just need the request for subpoena to damage Republicans for blocking it and damage that member of Congress, whoever it is because you want to look at them. Why would you want to look at them unless they did something wrong?

“That’s what this is about. it’s about keeping the House majority in 2022 and winning elections and keeping this in the headlines,” he said.

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Thirty-five Republicans in the House joined Democrats in passing the bill, but it faces an uncertain prospect in the evenly divided Senate.

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