RNC Says It’s Relying on Trump to Help Party Raise Funds

(USA Features) Officials with the Republican National Committee said Wednesday they are relying on former President Donald Trump to help the party raise funds ahead of the 2022 midterms, in anticipation of taking back control over one or both chambers of Congress.

Politico reported that the RNC looks at Trump as a “cash cow,” noting that his continued popularity among GOP voters is a fundraising strength.

“There was this pregnant pause around the impeachment and Jan. 6 riot, that was ‘Trump was toxic and Trump doesn’t want us to use his name,'” GOP fundraiser Dan Eberhart told the outlet.

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“But we’ve now reverted back to the past five years, where Trump is the biggest name in Republican politics. He’s the best name at bringing in money and we need to lean into that,” he added.

The outlet noted that following the Jan. 6 riot, the RNC sent out emails critical of the former president’s impeachment, his second — which is unprecedented.

Since then, the RNC sent out 97 additional emails though the party didn’t send any immediately after the riot. Not all of them were to raise funds; some were merely to increase engagement, Politico noted.

Trump was often featured prominently in those emails but he was never a signatory to them.

“The party raises money in different ways,” a top Republican fundraiser told Politico. “When you’re talking about different email, Facebook, small donors, building up that loyalty at the small-dollar level, President Trump is so much more potent and powerful than all the other names of the party combined — including Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.”

Another unnamed top GOP fundraiser told the outlet that after seeing how President Joe Biden’s administration is going, some large donors have stuck with the GOP.

“Those donors who were wary of Trump have been coming up saying they’re not happy with current leadership,” the fundraiser said. “He feels re-energized by that and the enthusiasm he’s getting. Could have gone either way.”

In early March, lawyers for the former president sent cease-and-desist letters to the RNC demanding the party not use the former president’s name in its emails. But that issue was quickly resolved, according to Politico.

“The Republican Party has a long history of incorporating former presidents in our fundraising efforts, and we are happy to tout President Trump’s accomplishments and all he did to fight for the American people,” said RNC spokesperson Emma Vaughn.

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