Graham Hits Biden, Says Everything He Touches Turns to ‘Crap’ As Global Problems Mount

(USA Features) Sen. Lindsey Graham ripped President Joe Biden and his administration on Saturday, saying everything it touches turns to “crap” as problems and crises around the world and at home mount.

In particular, the South Carolina Republican cited the recent ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline, which lead to a closure of the system for several days and caused gas lines and outages up and down the East Coast. The company reportedly paid a $5 million ransom in order to get the system back online by week’s end.

“The one thing we haven’t seen from Joe Biden is a deterrent approach,” Graham told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro.

“Is anybody in Russia afraid of hitting us again? The idea of graduating people to go into cybersecurity was not what I was looking for. I was looking for putting the Kremlin on notice that these people live in your backyard [and] we’re going to hold you accountable for their misadventure,” he added, noting that the ransomware attack appears to have involved a Russia-based group.

“I was looking for upping our game in terms of our laws, making cyberattacks like this cyberterrorism, so that the people who did it could get the death penalty or life in jail — deterring the people,” Graham added.

“I’m looking for Hamas to be deterred. They’re not. I’m looking for Mexico and Central America to stop the onslaught on the border. Everything Biden is touching is going to crap. So the bottom line is there is a piling on effect all over the world because President Biden is showing weakness,” he continued.

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Pirro responded by asking Graham if he was concerned about the nation’s power grid coming under attack.

“Well look at the pipeline. My god, I mean this pipeline is a single pipeline to the East Coast. They were able to knock it out. I’m very worried about our the electric grid, our financial service systems, about trains, about chemical companies,” Graham affirmed.

“You can do only so much prevention. We need to up our game when it comes to prevention, but you have to deter people,” he said. “They have to be afraid to attack the United States. Is anybody afraid of Joe Biden? Is anybody being deterred by the policies of President Biden. The answer is no. This is a dangerous time in the world right now.”

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