Trump-Aligned Groups Launching Legal War Against Federal Constitutional Infringements

(USA Features) A legal team aligned with former President Donald Trump and his ‘America First’ agenda are gearing up to launch legal battles against what they view as unconstitutional infringements by the Biden administration, the Washington Examiner reported Friday.

The nonprofit America First Policy Institute, which was founded by former Trump administration officials, will seek to stop “big tech, big media and big government” from engaging in actions that trample civil rights and constitutional liberties.

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Dubbed the Constitutional Litigation Partnership,” the effort “is another strong addition to AFPI’s already impressive arsenal of weapons against these assaults on our freedoms,” institute President and CEO Brooke Rollins told the outlet.

“Federalism, free speech, and the rule of law are under attack. Big tech, big media, and big government wield unprecedented power against the interests of the American way of life,” Rollins, who was the White House’s Domestic Policy Council director under Trump, added.

“Every American deserves to be heard, the courts are our last line of defense, and the Constitutional Litigation Partnership exists to tip the scales of justice in favor of the American people,” Rollins noted further.

While the partnership has not yet formally announced its legal efforts, it is nonetheless listed on the institute’s website.

“America is under threat from ideologies that are eroding our founding principles. The American way of life, including federalism, free speech, and the rule of law, are being undermined and distorted in our courts. The America First Policy Institute is establishing the Constitutional Litigation Partnership to restore the most fundamental rights of all Americans,” says the website.

“The Partnership will fight to restore government that is of the people, for the people, and by the people,” it adds.

Officials with the institute say the focus is not to rehabilitate the former president’s reputation after leaving office, but rather to shape policy that will benefit the country in the decades ahead regardless of which party is in power, the Examiner reported.

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  1. I would like to join this class action suit! I am so sick of posting pro Trump on FB, only to be removed or fact checked false when I KNOW it’s TRUE, where if I put ANYTHING negative about the Biden it is automatically removed even if I also know the post was true, out of Biden’s own mouth. President Trump, PLEASE come back to us!!!! This is absolutely the WORST administration we’ve EVER had in the history of the US, and in my lifetime, and I’m almost 70! Please, please, PLEASE get this imbecile and his family and cronies OUT OF THE WH while we still have an inkling of our great country left. Thanks so much for your service to us all. We miss you!!! This present moron is not my potus!!!

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