Trump Backs Businessman Outsider Glenn Youngkin in Va. Governor’s Race

(USA Features) Former President Donald Trump has thrown his support behind a businessman and political outsider in the race for governor of Virginia.

Glenn Youngkin, a former CEO of the Carlyle Group, won 55 percent of the vote, edging out fellow GOP challenger Pete Snyder who took 45 percent.

“I am prepared to lead, excited to serve and profoundly humbled by the trust the people have placed in me. Virginians have made it clear that they are ready for a political outsider with proven business experience to bring real change in Richmond,” he wrote on Twitter following his victory.

A native Virginian, Youngkin attended Harvard Business School and spent 25 years at Carlyle before retiring in September to run for office. He will likely face off against former Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, an ally of Bill and Hillary Clinton and former Democratic National Committee chair.

Trump moved to back Youngkin shortly after his victory while taking shots at McAuliffe.

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“He was responsible for many of the problems Virginia currently has,” Trump said in a statement Tuesday. “Virginia doesn’t need the Clintons or the Communist Chinese running the state, so say no to Terry McAuliffe, and yes to Patriot Glenn Youngkin!”

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