New Analysis Finds Trump Scored Big With Women, Voters of Color in 2020

(USA Features) Former President Donald Trump did much better with women and people of color in the 2020 election, according to a newly released analysis from a progressive group.

According to a new report from the firm Catalist, Turmp’s shares of women and minority voters last year was 57.2 percent, which was an increase over 54.8 percent during the 2016 election.

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He also increased his support among all racial demographics with the lone exception of white men, gaining 7 points with nonwhite women, 4 points with nonwhite men, 1 point with white women, and losing 1 point with white males.

In addition, the former president got substantially more of the black and Latino vote last fall, Catalist’s analysis notes.

“Along with massive increases in turnout, Latino vote share as a whole swung towards Trump by 8 points in two-way vote share compared to 2016, though Biden-Harris still enjoyed solid majority (61%) support among this group,” Catalist wrote in its analysis of the data.

“Some of the shift from 2016 appears to be a result of changing voting preferences among people who voted in both elections, and some may come from new voters who were more evenly split in their vote choice than previous Latino voters. This question presents particularly challenging data analysis problems, which we discuss more in a dedicated section below,” the analysis added.

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