Online ‘Anti-Woke’ Education Start-Up Drawing In Hundreds of Professors, Academics

(USA Features) An online higher education start-up billing itself as an ‘anti-woke’ institution that offers several disciplines is drawing hundreds of academics, scholars, and professors who share the company’s vision.

The project, called “American Scholars,” was actually launched several months ago by former University of Pennsylvania admissions officer Matthew Pohl, whose gradual disillusionment of the academic world drove him to find an alternative.

In an interview with The Epoch Times, he said that once word got out that curriculum would be decidedly “woke”-free, resumes began streaming in from academics who wanted to take part.

Pohl said regarding higher education in the U.S. today, he noticed that in addition to the quasi-Marxist ideology infiltrating subjects, students were not getting their money’s worth due to other factors including “administrative bloat.”

The project he created combines lecture and documentary video with quizzes and feedback sessions and is designed to show that a quality education can be achieved in an online environment at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-campus learning.

Meanwhile, he said, the curriculum will be more rooted in traditional American values, which differs significantly from what is being taught on most, if not all, major and moderately-sized campuses today.

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“There is a massive and unrecognized demand for actual professors, business leaders, real thinkers whom regular people can associate with and learn from to better understand how they can live better lives through the Constitution and through conservative values,” Pohl told The Epoch Times in an email, adding that “classical liberalism” more accurately describes the ideological bent of the curriculum.

“We actually expect a significant number of people who do not identify as conservative to join us—simply because they agree with our values,” he told the outlet, adding that he has received resumes from several hundred scholars thus far, 10 of whom he will select soon to become primary instructors.

“We even have chairs of departments interested in working for us,” he said.

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“We’ve got to be frank. We’re in the midst of a major culture war,” said Michael Rectenwald, a retired liberal studies professor at New York University whom Polh tapped as chief academic officer to be responsible for developing content.

He added that the project won’t seek to become an accredited institution but rather offer students tools they can use to “push back against some of the pernicious ideologies that are being purveyed in the system.”

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