Elise Stefanik Says Trump Voters ‘Critical’ to GOP House Takeover in Midterms

(USA Features) GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik said Saturday she believes former President Donald Trump’s voters will be “critical” to Republican efforts to win back control of the House in next year’s midterm elections.

“Number one, I would listen to the voters across the country, which I do every day in my district, which voted overwhelmingly for President Trump,” Stefanik, of New York, who is favored to unseat Republican National Conference chair Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyoming, in a vote this week, told SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday.

Trump carried her district by 10 points in 2020.

She told the radio program that she believes the job of the conference chair is to serve as a “unified voice” for the majority of the caucus, something she doesn’t think Cheney — who voted to impeach Trump in January and who has shunned recommendations by other GOP members to strengthen the party’s appeal to working-class voters — is doing.

“I would also spend the time listening to the members of the conference and making sure that we’re representing the majority of the Republican conference’s views, and when you’re not able to do that anymore, you should step down from those leadership positions,” she said.

“You should realize that it’s not an opportunity for you to share your personal views, whatever they may be, that you speak for the team,” Stefanik added.

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“I also would make sure that we’re not attacking our fellow members and attacking President Trump and Trump supporters,” she noted further.

“If you look at the November election, President Trump earned more votes than any other Republican nominee candidate for president in our nation’s history, and those voters, that coalition is going to be critical going into the next election.”

Last week, Trump endorsed Stefanik over Cheney after signaling he would be backing a primary challenger to Cheney in the midterms earlier this month. The National Border Patrol Council has also publicly endorsed her.

“The other focus I would have is on Joe Biden’s destructive radical policies and Nancy Pelosi’s socialist policies in the House,” Stefanik said, warning that “the more infighting that we have in the Republican conference takes away from the laser focus we should have on Americans’ frustration with how dangerous Joe Biden’s presidency has already been.”

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